Hello. Welcome to my website!!!!
Today I woke up at 6:30 AM and dragged myself out of bed. I took a shower, and then went downstairs and said hi to my dog Turbo and my mom. Then I opened my advent calendar and had some cereal. I dragged myself out the door and onto the bus. When I got to school, I went to homeroom and then I had Social Studies :(. After that I had Math >:(. After that I had Art >>>>:(((((((. I hate Tuesdays. Then I had lunch-some chili. For 4th period I had English, where we learned some more about persuasive writing. I had Chinese after that, where we learned about writing some new characters. For my last period before I went home, I had Science, where we studied the Doppler Effect some more. Then I went outside, but...my bus was not there. All of the other members of Bus 33 just stood there in the wet snow, their eyes sweeping over the row of buses. Then 2 of the bus drivers volunteered to each carry 1/2 of Bus 33. I got driven to the bottom of my neighbourhood, and all of the others got picked up by someone, but none of them lived on my street, so I had to walk home in the cold. Then when I got home, my mom was making cookies and caramel, and they'd gotten the tree while I was at school! :). Then I had some snack, and I walked out to the family room where I am now currently typing this


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    December 2013